Tuesday, February 5, 2019


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "So much time and energy is waisted in futile worrying and in endless discussions about what is needed and how to go about getting it.  Simply present your needs to Me with a trusting heart and I will show you that I am a lavish provider for those who let Me take charge of their needs."  from the book, "In Sinu Jesu"

QUOTE II:  "I will allow you to experience disappointment and failure only so that it may be clear to all that this is My work, and I am doing for the sake of My Bride the Church, and for the sake of My priests, those who I have called to love My Church even as I love her."  same source


P. V. sent in THIS article about a Dad giving strategies on how to go to Mass with young ones.

J. N. sent in THIS link to podcasts of the radio show "Catholic Close Up"

Some events to consider:

 Look who is going to be at the Ite Project Game On Night at St. Paul on Feb 8th!
 GREAT concert coming up.
 Reserve the date for a Spectacular Evening at St. Sebastian..
Here's some encouragement:
Some thoughts:

This poinsettia was put outside during the sub-zero weather looking as though it were blooming in the warmest of summers.  That is because it freezes almost instantly in such cold weather.  I will stay looking fresh for as long as it stays that cold.  Of course, today it looks terrible.
Light shining through the front door onto the crucifix.  I thought it interesting.
2.5 minutes to help understand exactly what is going on:

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