Monday, June 27, 2016


Modern technology, I begrudgingly admit, is wonderful.  I suppose now I have become so technified that if someone were to take it all away from me - say if I were dropped in the woods somewhere and told to survive for three days - at the end I would be bored, hungry, wet, and agitated that I couldn't check my Email.
I have exteriorized most of my memory.  Don't tell me anything at the end of Mass and expect that I am going to remember.  Unless I have an external device on which I can record it (paper will end up in the wash machine) you might as well be speaking to a tree.
I used to travel with my cousin who was a teacher.  When we were on vacation she would not want noise in the morning, or be asked anything that required her to make a decision, or be surrounded by too many people.  "I spend all day with a large group of children who constantly need me.  When I am on vacation, I want the exact opposite," she informed me.
I think I know how she feels now.  Quite often as pastor, people second guess every move you make which is understandable enough.  People are invested.  That is good.  But now even my car is in on it.

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Pat said...

When I was in graduate school (way before there were "personal computers"), I used to say that all my brains are in my notebooks and if anything happens to them, I'm sunk.