Sunday, June 5, 2016


Some kids were on our property this past week and did some minor vandalism.  Man that gets my liturgical underwear in a bunch.
It was minor but irritating.
I will admit to not having kind thoughts.
But then God has His say.

Man can God throw me for a loop.


Chris P. said...

So, I had to read this three times before I realized God sent you and wanted you to pray for the vandals and not the camel fleas.

In seriousness - one of the reasons the Parish stands out as a beacon of West Akron is because you guys dedicate the effort to combat decay, whether that decay is inflicted intentionally or not. That quiet, non-verbal, constant effort might be the most important evangelization the Parish does.

But camel fleas could render all that effort null, so it's important we don't incur any punishment from God that invites them.

Anonymous said...

Fr. V. -- Thanks! This hits home in many ways. Next time my co-workers, family members, etc screw up my 'plans', I'll say a prayer and rememebr the West Akron vandals that also need my prayers.

Root, Hog, or Die said...

Thanks! One can be tolerant, understanding, and faithful while still being human and sometimes very hacked off. And Chris, I agree that it takes a constant, patient, Sisyphean (sic) effort to do what it takes to preserve a beautiful place in the city. Because there is so much moral crap in the ether, I guess.