Tuesday, June 14, 2016


So I know that I am overreacting.  But it is like I can't help it (though I know perfectly well that I can so maybe I choose not to.)  SOMEBODY walks their dog around the parish property and EVERY SINGLE DAY lets his dog do his duty (which I am okay with) but the LETS HIS DOG KICK A BUNCH OF MULCH ONTO THE SIDEWALK.  That gets my liturgical underwear in a bunch.
But I understand.  Sometimes a dog starts going at it before you know it is going to happen.  Fine.  I've been caught in that situation before.  It is embarrassing.  So I or somebody gets a broom and we sweep it up.  But every day?  And not just a little bit - HANDS FULL!  And we've lost flowers!  

So now the boiler in my gut is in full steam and I start hatching plans.  No kidding.  This happened just this morning.  I see a guy walking his dog up the walk from my office window and I watch him DARING his dog to kick the mulch.  (It didn't.)  But really, what was I going to do?
But OH!  I can daydream about it.
Then, God gets involved as he usually does.  The readings this morning punch me in the gut.
So I prayed for him whoever he may be and his stupid little dog too and try to find a nicer way.
I hope this counts for time off in purgatory.


Snicker's mom said...

I saw the signs, I thought they were polite. So, instead of someone letting their dog kick mulch on the sidewalk, a dog left a pile bigger than my dog (almost) on the devil strip just down from the sign. I think I would rather clean up mulch or even trash.

Sir Knight said...

We can only pray to God's work and not His job. But oh that mangy little dog, and Toto too.

Cyndy said...

I am laughing so hard that it is scaring my little dog.