Tuesday, March 29, 2016


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "A priest must aim to fulfill the ideal of death, the death of a victim united with Jesus crucified. … Our whole life should be a preparatory exercise for the great act of our death, the act of our supreme sacrifice with Jesus.”  Fr. Jules Leo Grimal


Adam wants me to tell you the The Academy of Culture and Arts has a new Facebook Page and we want you to see it!  Go HERE.
Adam also sent in an article entitled, "Sacred Music and the Vocation of the Composer."  Read it HERE.

Tony Mastromatteo of St. Sebastian thought it might be awesome to highlight that the statue in the St. Sebastian school plaza is a resurrected Christ this Easter season by emphasizing the wounds in his hands.  If you come by while it is getting dark you will see lasers highlighting his wounds.  Interesting and thought provoking.  

The Reverend Thaddeus M. Swirski
1930 - 2016

The Rev. Thaddeus M. Swirski passed away on Easter Day.  Services for him will be held at St. Sebastian Parish, Akron.  

Vespers  3:00PM - Bishop Gries OSB celebrant
Calling Hours until 6:00PM
Mass of Christian Burial  11:00AM - Bishop Lennon celebrant

Father was the pastor of St. Hedwig - not a name you hear very often!  Here is some info on her:

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