Friday, April 8, 2011


Last week at Mass you may have noticed something different about the vestments that they clergy wore at Mass. If you were at a parish that had the resources (and a priest willing to do it) you would have witnessed one of the most rare of approved liturgical colors in use. Along with black, it is an optional color for use and not mandated. Unlike blue, it has a true liturgical function. The color that you may have witnessed is rose. (Notice I said rose, not pink – though I will admit that if our vestments were used as a color test for our pre-schoolers, every last one of them would say “PINK!”)

The color is supposed to be a pale or light purple. During lent and advent seasons the official color for use is violet or purple. Purple represents sorrow, repentance, Penance, and mourning. We wait in anticipation of Christ’s coming either in the incarnation or the resurrection. However on the third Sunday (Gaudete Sunday) of advent and in the middle of lent (Laetare Sunday) we change to rose. Both of these words can be translated as “Rejoice” in Latin and are the first words of the Mass that you would hear if Mass were said in Latin and the introit sung.

We do in fact rejoice. Our time of waiting and longing are half over. Christ is on the way. Promises made to us are going to be fulfilled. We cannot help but to let a bit of joy in during this season of penance. So do not go all out and throw off the purple and jump right to white but put on rose, the joy of the promise so pressing out through the longing of the season that for one day it bleaches it to rose, the color of subdue joy.


lgreen515 said...

The rose vestments are my favorites--moreso because we only see them twice a year.

Karen said...

My daughters would argue with you that rose is a shade of pink. In fact, last Saturday when my daughter altar served she managed to convince one of our priests that he was in fact wearing a shade of pink regardless of whether or not he was willing to admit it. This was after he made it quite clear during his homily that he was not wearing pink vestments.

My girls look forward to the "pink" Sundays.

Beth Lemer said...

Real Men wear pink. They make tshirts that say that. Perfect time O' year to get one I say.

Anonymous said...

yes i noticed---the vestment was lovely and i believe carefully selected---not pink or fushia, etc. but ROSE---why so careful--what does it really matter?----you guessed it---i am really talking about the supposed music of the Church that is used to "enhance" the Holy Mass--i am not going to go on forever about this, and i cannot sign my name because i must protect my husband's identity----suffice it to say the following--he returned home the sat. a.m. after going to Holy Mass---as is my habit i asked how he was and he replied --"not very good"---i might also mention there appeared to be smoke emanating out of not one but both ears--he reported "i don't think i'll be returning to my most favorite Mass of the week---i can't take it anymore--i know everyone else was probably delighted with the musical offerings this morning , but i just can't take it anymore---how sad this is for my husband---you see he is one of the few creatures God gave musical "ears" to---i think these special little ears are few and far between---and unfortunately the little voices attached to these ears have been silenced by the roar of the musically deaf---like the individual who has grown up and can discern between pink and rose, the keepers of God's musical ears can indeed tell the difference between music and noise--sincerely, mrs. palestrina

Fr. V said...
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Fr. V said...


Sorry, in the above comment I used your name. I should not have. That is why I erased it.

I'm also not going to retype my answer if you did not see it. I've got to get working on finishing up my homily.

God bless,

Fr. V

Maria Neva said...

Fr V. - Sorry to post this here, didn't have another way to reach you. :)

I'm a friend of a friend, "Adoro", in the Twin Cities and I am working on a bit of a side project for a priest here who is looking to renovate his church... I hate to sound like a vulture, but he asked me to check around at other dioceses who may be having church closings to see if we can find some beauty to restore to our lovely 1880s church.

Cleveland came up in our discussion, and I am wondering if you be able to help to point me in the proper direction of who to call at the diocese about such matters. You can reach me via e-mail marygibson81 at gmail dot com if you'd like to get in contact.

Thank you kindly!!


Fr. V said...

Try here:

Hi to Adoro!