Tuesday, December 2, 2008


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: "What defines brotherhood but non-brotherhood?" From Ursula Le Guin's, "The Dispossessed"

QUOTE II - "Being needed is not the same as being accepted." from Daniel Mason's, "The Piano Tuner"


I am very disappointed in you people! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO TALK SENSE INTO ME ABOUT DOGS! Is there no sanity out there? Gads. I grow so weak . . .

Here's a video for the first week of December.

Jay doubled your fun this week! It's two, two, two treats in one! Catholic Carnival 200 and Catholic Carnival 201.

K.H. sent this great link in! It is an online book of biographies of Cleveland priests from the turn of the century. Thanks K. H.

Ellen sent this in concerning the request for information about the Cleveland Chesterton Society. "Last December, we met up with Matthew Lewis and the nascent Cleveland group for a tour of the Chesterton room/collection at John Carroll's Graselli Library. There seemed to be a small group of Clevelanders there. I can't believe that after Matthew left, there was no one to pick up the ball. According to Matthew, there were 90 people on the Gilbert magazine mailing list, so there are a lot of Chesterton fans there.

The librarian, Chuck Zarobila, at Graselli offered the library for any meetings or events. He said JCU was interested in hosting events, to highlight the Chesterton collection they have there. They have a small conference room and also a larger, open area that would be good lecture venue.

I wanted to let you know that I would be interested in any news you come across. If you want to pass my name or email address along to anyone who wants to talk about/visit/join our group, feel free to do so. Thanks."

Thank you Ellen!

W. T. Sent this game in. Don' t go here unless you have time to waste. WARNING: ADDICTION LEVEL HIGH


Adoro said...

So...Father....are you getting the dog? Is that what you're saying?

They are a joy. Mine came to work with me on Wed. last week, then to my brother's on Thursday, so on Friday night I had a VERY tired dog who just picked a spot and slept like a stone. And a tired dog is a happy dog. :-)

You'd be a good DogFather.

MJ said...

You grow weak?!! No way!!! My bubble is bursting!!!

Adoro said...

Tell! Tell! We're DYING here!

Fr. V said...

I've decided

. . . I've decided

. . . . .I've decided to decide tomorrow with the staff and any interested parties. Any parishioner has a comment on this (one of the rare times I accept annonymous notes) please let me know.

Nice pic MJ

MJ said...

Thanks! I love that pic.
Can I put my two cents in about the dog - oh wait a minute I have to go let our dog in. She's furiously scratching at the door. Ok I'm back now - took a little longer than expected cause she threw up and I had to clean that up!
Now what was I saying .....?