Tuesday, April 7, 2020


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "The smallest movement of pure love is more useful to the Church than all other works put together."  St. John of the Cross


Every day the parish of St. Sebastian sends out a letter to keep you up to date - mostly with what is happening at the parish.  If you do not receive it, send an email to marketing@stsebastian.org.

The cut off time for ordering home flowers is 2:30 today!

Here are some pictures from around the parish this week:

Palm Sunday from the only occupied seat in the house:
Karen kept ALL these plants at her house all during lent and brought them back to help decorate the church!
The Avalos family was walking by the parish and caught this neat photo and sent it in.
Grounds crew volunteers are starting to pop up!
 Alex is edging all of our garden beds (and trying to do so covertly but I caught a picture of him!)
I showed these chalk drawings last week but thought to show them to you from a view from the lower church roof!
A new use for holy water founts.
Fr. E.S. sent this in.  It made me happy and I hope it does you too!


Anonymous said...

Father - loved the You Tube at the end. On that subject, a very creative animator in Stow decided Governor DeWine and Dr. Amy need a theme song for their daily corona virus briefings, which air on TV at 2 PM. People like me, who are non-essential, actually look forward to this since they are pretty interesting and entertaining (and because we are a bit bored at home). The theme song is the bomb - https://youtu.be/awc0blNamSo

Ed Balaun said...

I enjoyed meeting Ian on Palm Sunday and asking him about his production techniques. Good guy.