Thursday, April 9, 2020


Tonight begins the Sacred Triduum.  For anybody who may not be aware, St. Sebastian has a YouTube Channel HERE where you can see our Triduum live-streamed.  

One of the things St. Sebastianites will miss out on is our annual setting out of our Passion clock.  I saw one of these online YEARS ago - Fr. Pfeiffer was still here.  (I hope you don't mind that I stole your idea.  If you want credit let me know friends - I'd gladly post it.  Maybe send a picture of yours so I can show how a well done one looks like!)  I found an old, broken clock at a junk store down in Portage Lakes (not too far from our friend at St. Francis de Sales) - $5 - ordered at twenty four hour clock movement - $12 - and spent several days drawing the face.
As you can see, it starts with the Last Supper at 6 o'clock (where 3 o'clock normally is) and goes for twenty four hours until Christ is laid in the sepulcher.
Here is where I would normally write that, because of the Triduum and Easter I might not be posting for a spell (and still might not) but since things are little strange - sometimes busier than every before, sometimes oddly quiet - who know, I might just post again durning this time.

Many blessing on you all!


lgreen515 said...

You did a beautiful job on the clockface. I really hope to see it up close someday.

Marie M said...

Wow! I love the clock!

Cathy M said...

WHAT???? You drew that clock face????? WOW!!!!!
I am in awe!
As if I wasn’t already impressed by you as our PRIEST AND PASTOR - I can add one more impressive gift that god has given to you!

Why do you commission art from other artists? YOU should commission YOURSELF to create a bigger work of art for our parish!

What a gift!

Kayla W said...

Good reaad