Tuesday, December 4, 2018


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "In our own lives the voice of God speaks slowly, a syllable at a time.  Reaching the peak of years. dispelling some of our intimate illusions and learning how to spell the meaning of life-experiences backwards, some of us discover how the scattered syllables form a single phrase.  Those who know that this life of our takes place in a world that is not all to be explained in human terms; that every moment is a carefully concealed act of His creation, cannot but ask: is there anything wherein His voice is not suppressed?  Is there anything wherein His creation is not concealed?"  from Abraham Heschel's, "God in Search of Man."


P.V. sent THIS article in on the War on Advent.

P.V. also sent THIS article about Starbucks keeping customers from watching porn in their stores.

Notice the relief on Fr. Simone's face when I said I was joking when I said he was fired and that he could quit the new job he took on.
Some events that might interest you during advent:

Recently a priest friend of mine sent me a note saying that the site "Fight the New Drug" movement is pretty darn good.  You can find it HERE.  Here is another of it's previews:  (5 Mins.)

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