Friday, December 7, 2018


Right on Fr. Pfeiffer’s heals another priest came along who would take a weekly room at the rectory.  The priest, who visited Akron every Wednesday from a neighboring state, would take a hotel room for which his order would pay.  He had a ministry that operated out of a neighboring parish that was eventually slated to close  He came knocking on our door to see if we would be open to having the ministry move to St. Sebastian.  The young priest from Barcelona, Spain fit in well and a month or so into his ministry here I said to him, “If your order would give me a quarter of what they pay the hotel, you could just stay here every week. You would have the company of priests, an open kitchen, and not worry about check in or check out times.”  A deal was struck. 

Fr. Trullio was a delight to have around.  He was unsure about Sebastian (the dog) but he did enjoy joining us for the dog’s daily walks.  On such walks we talked about the differences between Barcelona and Akron and surprisingly Akron was not always the loser.  “Why do you Americans build your cities in the woods?” he asked one day.  Our neighborhood is well inside the boundaries of the city of Akron and is by no means in “the woods,” but if you have ever been to Barcelona, you might understand why he asked this question.  

He was also fascinated by yard sales.  It took a couple of weeks for him to wrap his mind around people taking things out of their houses, putting them on their lawn, and selling them.  An offer of joining us for a dog walk was usually accompanied by the question, “Will we be able to stop by a yard sale today you suppose?”  It became a fruitful endeavor as more furniture for empty rooms was found.

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