Monday, October 15, 2018


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Some ideas are bad.  Some opinions are foolish.  Some feelings are vindictive.  And some people lie. . . So it becomes very important for citizens to think their politics, not feel them; to examine the language of public discourse for what the words really mean."  from Bishop Chaput's, "Render Unto Caesar"

QUOTE II:  "Catholics have the duty not to 'tolerate' other people but to love them."  same source


Deacon Terry Peacock will be speaking TONIGHT at Theology on the Rocks!!!

A. B. sent in THIS article from Harvard School of Health reports that a religious upbringing is lined to better health and well being.  Thanks for sending it in.

Here are some pictures from the Autumn Lights celebration this past weekend:
 Praying compline at the end of the night:
 Fr. Simone caught this cool effect on his phone:

 From the concert this past Sunday.
Posting will become a bit sporadic for a couple of weeks as I am on the St. Sebastian 90th anniversary pilgrimage.  I will remember you in prayer!

As I am going away I thought this was appropriate for a laugh.  Thank heavens for being Catholic.

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