Tuesday, October 2, 2018


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  The best churches bring out un-modern ideas.  They remind us of God’s perfection and holiness and make us feel humble.”  Duncan G. Stroik in the National Review.

QUOTE II: "The biggest stumbling block may be money: It costs a lot to erect a grand church.  It’s hard and expensive and takes time. Beauty isn’t fast and it isn’t cheap. Yet the payoff can last a long time. We still marvel at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, In Italy, almost every town has an old church that’s worth visiting. That’s not true in America. When was the last time you went out of your way to see a piece of contemporary religious artwork or architecture?” The real question, he insists, is this: “Can we afford not to build beautiful churches?” The failure to invest in architecture puzzles and frustrates him: “We’ve never been wealthier than today, and yet we’re building the cheapest churches in history.” same source


Mr. Chad Engelland, formerly professor of philosophy at Borromeo Seminary in the Diocese of Cleveland (our loss!) wrote THIS article.  

Our Principal, Mr. Rohr, sent me THIS article about the middle class moving away from private education. 

If you liked the above quotes, M. D. sent in the excellent article from which they came that you can read HERE.   

This past week we had the celebration of the 185th anniversary of the first known Mass in the city of Akron at St. Vincent Parish, the mother parish of Akron.  Here is the clergy getting ready:
I love this picture of my classmate and pastor of St. Francis de Sales, the Rev G. David Bline. He looks like a catalogue model for albs here.
Bishop Amos was the celebrant.  The whole thing was put together by the summer seminarian intern at St. Sebastian Mr. Jospeh Robinson.
Great turn out for a wonderful concert at St. Sebastian last weekend.  More people than we expected for a Baroque concert on a warm Sunday afternoon during a Browns game (which wasn't worth it.)  For the rest of the 90th anniversary season go HERE and find a link to the schedule about half way down the page.
Here is the next Theology on Tap Akron:
TED Talk on porn:


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Joe look like the poster boy for the seminary?! He always has such a beautiful smile. He looks like he is full of Jesus. I am certain he will be a fine priest, as will Jon and Michael - all three are a joy! If these are the kind of priests Borromeo is turning out (including yourself, Fr. Simone, Fr. Norm, Fr. Basa, and our good Fr. Zerucha), we are in very good hands for the future - a blessing for which I am *very* grateful.

My husband was in the honor guard with the K of C for the anniversary Mass. Unfortunately, I could not attend. But he told me it was all very beautiful, and everyone appreciated all the trouble the priests and our good Bishop Amos went to. It is good to see Bishop Amos again - he lived with us at St. Bernard when he was our auxiliary bishop, and he, too, is a joy!

Warmest Franciscan blessings to our cluster neighbors at St. Sebastian, St. Mary, and St. Vincent - Sue, OFS from St. Bernard

Edward Palamar said...
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