Tuesday, April 24, 2018


FINDING TRUTH WHEVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "When you have something to say, silence is a
lie - and tyranny feeds on lies."  from Jordan Peterson's, "12 Rules for Life"

QUOTE II:  "What you aim at determines what you see."  same source


M. W. sent in THIS letter written by a young Catholic.  Thanks.

One of our parishioners, Adam Bernard, has one of his photos in a show.  See the story HERE.

M. S. sent in THIS article for 9 practical things to do to stay focused at Mass.  Thanks.

Here are some photos from this week's restoration projects:

The floor is being cut in order to install the sound loop.  
 The altar crucifix which normally stands about as tall as a 4th grader is disassembled for restoration.
 There are some places that the cherrie picker does not reach and so this guy had to have a loooooong pole.

Here's a laugh for the day:


Dick said...

The letter from the young Catholic father is very meaningful and insightful. I have seen and put up with a lot in the past 50 years with the tragedy of Vatican ll. In the "dark ages" of pre-Vatican ll, being a Catholic was a way of life. The Church guided us, consoled us and led us to the end in unfailing and unfaltering steps. That seems to be totally gone, especially in liturgy. I have wondered over all these years just what the various popes, bishops and priests have in their collective minds? And now we are saddled with a Vicar of Christ who is more concerned with climate change and non-catholics than he is with his flock. This is why I love the Latin Mass. Not that I am a Latin scholar, by any means but it is a return to sanity and reverence for the love of the sacrifice of the Mass and Christ himself. The Novus Ordo could be just as inspiring but I have yet to attend one that isn't dragged down by nonsense and man-centered liturgy. I hope the author and all young Catholics keep up their quest for a better Church. After all, they are our future.

doubletrouble said...

101% on target, Dick.