Tuesday, February 11, 2014


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Greek philosophy began in a world without God.  It could not accept the gods or the example of their conduct.  Plato had to break with th gods and to ask: What is good?  Thus the problem of values was born.  And it was theidea of values that tool the place of God.  Plato lets Socrates ask: What is the good?  But Moses' question was: What does God require of thee?"  from Abraham Joshua Heschel's, "God in Search of Man"
QUOTE II: "For there is no doubt in which faith is not involved."  same source
Interesting little tidbit about Chesterton and Pope Francis here.
This week's video is a recommendation from Dawn Eden via Mary.  "I highly recommend the Internet sitcom Ordinary, which is a Catholic sitcom about the life of a new priest in a parish. It’s done not like those Hallmark Hall of Fame, syrupy shows but with the same kind of entertainment value as TV shows like The Office or Community but without the obscenities or gratuitous sex or violence of such shows."  See it here.
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