Monday, February 17, 2014


So I was taking a shower minding my own business when it hit me!
Eight days ago Adam's Ale turned seven!  Good thing we are not married.  It would have been a disastrous week.
Since meeting the dynamo Dawn Eden those many years ago and having her twist my arm behind my back that I should be using the internet more in my ministry, Adam's Ale has been trudging along.  (Is anybody still here that started reading it seven years ago???) 
I was a parochial vicar when the blog was started and I had a lot of time on my hands then.  That was when AA was sent out seven days a week.  As a pastor there is not so much time and so it only goes out five days a week most of the time, at times not even making it out that often as you have no doubt noticed as of late.
The question is asked often concerning how time is found to pump this out as often as it is and to be quite honest, it doesn't take that much time (usually) for by the time I sit down to the computer it is already quite thought out.  Mostly it is just type and publish. 
Still, at times, I wonder if time could be better spent.  The current indicator in use to determine whether to continue or not is the counter: do significantly more people read AA than hear my morning homily.  So far yes, so I continue.
To determine this I have two completely unreliable counters on AA.  They never agree.  Sometimes one is high and the other low, and sometimes the opposite.  But they average out to still be higher than daily Mass attendance so AA continues.
Here are some interesting stats:
There have been 1873 posts (well, 1874 now.)
8,106 published comments
There are 71 followers
There have been 408,094 views throughout the history.
The most read post was "How Come I Don't Remember?" from 2012.  I don't think it's all that interesting. Maybe the title is misleading.
After the United States, the country that visits the most is Russia!  HELLO RUSSIANS! 
They are followed closely by the Canada and the UK.  Greetings to you.  I'd like to come visit.
The most referrals come from something called the Salem Web Network
This is just a superfluous Adam's Ale link.
If you are still reading . . . please consider taking the two poles in the side bar.  I would like your input in determining the future of AA.  Thanks and God bless,


snickers mom said...

I wish I could go to mass each day but I have to work so I have grocery money to feed the priests and keep a roof over my head. I look for AA in the morning it makes me laugh, it makes me more aware of things going on in area, country and world that I am sometimes too busy to think about. It teaches me about church teachings, art, culture and many other peoples view on things. Pure and simple makes me think outside of my box. Thank you for taking the time to minister people in this way too. God Bless You and all the nice things you do.

MaryofSharon said...

Happy Birthday AA!

Maybe you could add another poll or two about which topics and features readers most appreciate.

For me it's a toss-up. I always enjoy the cartoons, which are consistently good for a laugh as well as for giving us insights into the everyday life of a priest. But I think I have most benefitted from the features about the arts and symbolism and the tremendous meaning behind those things that we either take for granted or completely miss in our churches and in our liturgies.

Oh yeah, I also like the links and videos on Tuesdays. There is so much good material out there, and you give us access to things we might not normally run across, plus a way to share it with each other by sending it to you for your consideration.

The variety is refreshing, too. Most bloggers keep pretty much the same tone and style and type of content from day to day. For your sake, it might be better to do fewer posts, but then I wonder if you'd still be able to do so many different kinds of posts. If you do cut back, I hope you can keep the mix going.

Stephen Stone said...

Dear Father Valencheck,

If you stop Adam's Ale, I would be profoundly sad.
I would throw my computer into Portage Lakes and say, "What's the point, since there is not more AA.

Your AA comics and the material you deal with in your blog is far far far better, uplifting, educational and enjoyable than anything that is in the Akron Beacon Journal.

I wish and pray that you would go syndicated and only do a Sunday panel.

Please prepare ten of your favorite cartoon series found in your blog and I will personally present them to the Akron Beacon Journal, the Universe Bulletin and every paper in North East Ohio, NYC and LA.

I will bet you dollars to doughnuts that EWTN will take on a weekly installment of Adam's Ale. God knows Pope Francis and Bishop Lennon both need a good laugh now and then. Believe It Or Not Valencheck, YOU ARE A GOOD LAUGH.

I could get you syndicated in 10,000 papers around the world. SCOFF NOT! This fallen and sinful world is in dreadful need of Jesus Christ shown to them through your insight, humor and cartoon talent.

Plus, when you are a multi billionaire, think of all the chew bones and squeak toys you could buy your poor, faithful, loyal, loving puppy dog Sebastian!

Remember the old pump organ? I'm not kidding.

Stephen the Scolos.

Kathy said...

Father V,
I enjoy your blog, both the humor and food for thought. Keep it coming!
Kathy - St Francis DeSales parrish

Pat said...


I really like the cartoons but also greatly appreciate reading the Rant-Counter Rants. Examples of how to answer critics and skeptics with clearly reasoned arguments is very helpful.

Anonymous said...

I have been a member since the beginning (1928). I am kind of proud of that.

cjw said...

I have been reading AA since you started. I also enjoy Rant Counter Rant the most, but all posts are uplifting and help us all to understand our faith much better. Please don't stop writing, I look forward to your posts daily!

Fr. V said...

Thanks guys - and those who continue to take the poll. I was doing some soul searching as to whether I should keep this up. This helps a lot.