Monday, February 10, 2014



Apologies that there were no posts last week as I was out of town.  For some reason lost on me I was unable to post on the computer I took with me.  Another sign that I'm getting old.
I put off this Monday Diary a bit but it may be Okay to tell the story now.  Here at St. Sebastian we have a "feed the poor priests" ministry.  Four times a week some kind and loving soul will drop off dinner for us which is a good thing because if they didn't we'd eat salami sandwiches for every meal all week long.  There just isn't time (and quite frankly the inclination) for these two bachelors to cook a healthy meal.  (Read: spoiled.)
Be that as it may, I am extremely grateful for these people.  The only thing I ask is that there be nothing from the water.  "If the cow falls into the water before you make it into a hamburger, I wont eat it."  But virtually anything else will do.
Many people also bring something special for Sebastian, the parish dog.   
So . . . special treats.  Living in a house where people also work and cycle through all day long means that there are a lot of people willing to eat our cookies.  And God bless them, they are welcome.  BUT, occasionally there are some things that we selfishly like to keep to ourselves either because there are precious few of them or, to be honest, the are so crazy good.  So we have a system: Anything on the butcher block may be eaten by anybody.  Stuff on the counter is for us only.
Getting on close to Christmas we were incredibly busy and not always as vigilant about things as we would normally be.  So one day, having to rush, we left all of the treats on the butcher block just like this:

Some items from both dishes were missing and someone had kindly combined the plates and carefully wrapped them in cellophane.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, ha ha ha ha!!!

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Anonymous said...

Uh oh! How did Sebastian feel about that?! Ha!

Nan said...

Weren't the dog biscuits dog-biscuit shaped or isn't that allowed anymore? Speciesist, isn't it?