Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Quote I:  America’s problem isn’t too much religion, or too little of it, It’s bad religion: the slow-motion collapse of traditional Christianity and the rise of a variety of pseudo-Christianities in its wake.” from Ross Douthat’s “Bad Religion”
Quote II:  Camille Paglia, an atheist art historian who nevertheless has a high appreciation for the beauty engendered by Christianity, has taught students who can’t quite place Adam and Eve and haven’t the foggiest who that Moses fellow was. ‘If you are an artist and you don’t recognize the name of Moses,’ Paglia told Emily Esfahani Smith, ‘then the West is dead. It’s over. It has committed suicide.’”  From, “White Trash Religion in a Nutshell: Proud, Ignorant, and Messy”
Is it open season on priests?  Here is an intersting article.
From the Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter:  "Did you know, the Diocese of Cleveland produces a monthly information piece called the Diocesan Memorandum?  The January 2014 Diocesan Memorandum is now available for your review."  Go here.
What is one of the reasons we are stressing the Arts at St. Sebastian parish?  Here is an intersting video sent in by Adam.  (Of course, first reason quotis for the glory of God.)


Anonymous said...

Father, how many of St Sebastian parishioners have internet service?

Fr. V said...

Universally it is difficult to say. However, for new parishioners, it is at or near 100%