Monday, January 20, 2014


Happy Feast Day of Saint Sebastian

(Though we celebrated it here over the weekend.)


Finding it difficult to come up with a good St. Sebastian hymn, we wrote our own.  It is to the tune of Thaxed by G. T. Holst (though I realize the wording can be a bit tricky.)


St. Sebastian, martyr, patron, your name we joyf’ly laud.

You were a Roman soldier whose heart was pledged to God.

Though the emp’rer Diocletian declared death to be the price,

you fulfilled your soldier’s duty while leading souls to Christ.

O Sebastian, martyr, patron, we lift our voice and sing,

please be our intercessor to Christ our mighty King.


When confronted with the martyrs choice of Christ or earthly king,

you turned your thoughts to heaven where saints and angels sing.

Sentenced to be executed for believing in the Name

your were bound and shot with arrows and earned a martyrs fame.

Saint Sebastian, martyr, patron, to you our thanks we bring

you are our intercessor to Christ our mighty King.


Though thought dead and left abandoned your noble heart still beat.

Nursed to health you earned the privilege to rest from danger’s heat.

But the Christians persecuted needed you to stand for them,

your confronted wicked rulers and faced martyrdom again.

Saint Sebastian, martyr, patron, your task continuing,

keep us close to Christ our Eucharist, our Savior and our King.


Anonymous said...

Hey that's a great song! Did you write it, Fr. V.?

Fr. V said...