Sunday, January 27, 2013


At our last Parish Pastoral Council meeting I was made aware that we are in the midst of a flu epidemic.  I really had no idea.  We had some lively debates about suggesting people not shake hands at Mass for a while and pitted medical reports against each other that state either that between the alcohol and metal in the chalice that you are safe to take the Precious Blood and others that say you will die a thousand painful deaths of you drink from a chalice during flu season.
I am now trying to be better about washing my hands.  It is amazing how many opportunities you have to come in contact with germs in the course of a day if you are paying attention.
They say (and they are always right) that door knobs are one of the worst places to pick up such germs.
It all reminds me of a movie (yes, an actual movie with film and a projector) that we saw in grade school.  (It sure made an impression on me.  I still think about it.)  It was about not washing your hands and how germs get from your fingers onto your food and into your system.  It showed film of actual kids eating and a cartoon germ would be superimposed on the frames and we would see the kids eat these horrendous looking slimy creatures.  I remember the whole class going "EWWWW!"
I was fairly traumatized by it.  And we have finger food sitting out all around the rectory and try as I might I keep forgetting not to eat any of it before I wash my hands.
There was a show on the radio the other day that said whatever is out there right now - they don't recommend relying on hand sanitizer.  Rather, wash your hands longer.  They have an allotted amount of time but I don't remember what it was other than it equalled the approximate amount of time it takes a person to sing "Happy Birthday" to themselves twice.
Not that I am that concerned about being sick - it means loosing weight and defining one's abs after all.  How many illnesses come with bonuses?  But I really, really do have other concerns.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Love the pictures! The little smiling germ is my favorite!