Tuesday, November 1, 2011


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT  MAY BE FOUND:  "Friendship only is indeed genuine when two friends, without speaking a word to each other, can never-the-less find happiness in being together."  from Georg Ebers, "Homo Sum"

QUOTE II:  "Pleasure became her torment, for the sweetest wine is repulsive when it has been tasted by impure lips."  ibid.


CK sent this link in to the blog to BAD CATHOLIC, an 18 year old blogger who is Catholic and one who appreciates that beauty as one of the basic tenets of bringing faith to the world.

RB sent this video in.  It is a surprising take on the old table cloth trick.  I will admit I was wowed by it.

News from the Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter:  "Recently, Cleveland Auxiliary Bishop, Most Rev. Roger Gries, addressed the First Friday Club of Akron and explained many of the changes that Catholics will experience at Mass beginning with the first Sunday of Advent, November 27, 2011.  We've posted short videos explaining the changes that will take place."  See the video here.

From the same source:  "On Saturday, October 22nd, the Most Reverened Roger W. Gries, O.S.B.  (Auxiliary Bishop of Cleveland) ordained 3 men into the Sacred Order of  the Deacon."  Read more here.


Anonymous said...

the first letter of the first word in each paragraph (blue) is is difficult for me to distinguish . . . . what is the reason for making it blue?


Fr. V said...

No great reason. It serves on days like today when there may be one section that is more than one paragraph and the blue would mark a new section of news.

Matt W said...

Did anyone else notice that the kid spilled some coffee as the clothe was coming off? Amateur.