Friday, November 4, 2011


 This is an emergency addition of Friday Potpourri.

Apparently we are having a concert here at St. Sebastian this Saturday night. Because of a series of miscommunications (nobody’s fault – working through some kinks) we failed to realize that the Akron Regional Chamber Orchestra (ARCO) is performing at Saint Sebastian this Saturday night.

So new are they that you won’t much of a presence for them on the internet. You can find their website here but the concert information was incorrect as of this morning. This parish, taking seriously its role as patroness of the arts, has given them space to rehearse and perform and so they have become an “orchestra in residence” and will be giving their first performance here this weekend. We would have advertised it like all get out but did not have the chance to do it! (We will do better in the future.)

The performance will be held in the Church at 8PM Saturday, November 5th. They will perform pieces by Mozart, Holst, Bartlow, and a selection from the movie “Mission.” If you think you might be able to come and support this budding musical organization but are unfamiliar with Saint Sebastian, here is a campus map. The concert is in the main church, building 1, parking lot P1. (Map is printable.)

Come support a new group!

Hope to see you there!


Sarah said...

Hello Father,
I'd like to let others know about this concert. Is there a ticket cost?

Fr. V said...

Gads! I meant to include that!


Anonymous said...

are you going to be there?


Fr. V said...

With bells on!