Thursday, November 10, 2011


A study from the University of California states that material wealth cannot buy happiness and that happiness cannot be found, for long anyway, in material goods. If one has money, spending it on experiences that lift the soul (my words, not theirs) such as concerts and education brings about some amount of happiness. Delayed satisfaction is also a good area to invest for happiness. Giving money and gifts to others, building bonds and community is an ideal way to use one’s money and receive back a certain amount of happiness in this world.

Now we know! I’ve always wondered and now the mystery of the universe is unveiled!

Now that I’ve got the sarcasm out of my system, the truly good part of this finding is this: faith and science should walk hand in hand. They are both seeking truth. When one is out of sync with the other then one needs to look more deeply into the matter. God made man and there is a way in which he thrives and others in which he does not. Faith and science are not competitors, they are pillars of the same objective.

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