Thursday, September 8, 2011


I truly believe that the most intimate thing people can do together – even beyond the physical – is to pray together, especially if that prayer involves some free flowing thoughts such as, “What do you want to pray about?” At that moment you are sharing what you hope for, what you are afraid of, that for which you are thankful, and that which you wish would change. With prayer such as this you expose, if you are sincere, your inner self – not only by the topics of prayer, but by revealing the intimate, often secret way in which you carry on a conversation with God, a relationship rarely seen by others.

There is also something incredibly tender and/or telling about how you are prayed for by another. How are you seen, what is wished for you, how well known are your inner wishes?

There is something to be warned about however. This type of prayer does not happen automatically. It needs to be nurtured. There needs to be trust. Some people are incredibly intimated about open prayer with another person. Some simply do not understand how to do it. Some do not feel they can share in this way. It is risky. And to ask someone to join you in prayer brings with it the same hazard of telling another for the first time, “I love you.”


Anonymous said...

Why is it that non-Catholics are so much better at this than Catholics? I suspect part of it is due to the various prayers we memorized as we were growing up. Of course, I am from that pre-Vatican II generationl.

Cracked Pot said...

"The family that prays together stays together." --Servant of God Fr. Patrick Peyton

The Wild Optimist said...

Dear Father,
I've enjoyed your posts the last few days, finding something to think about throughout the day in each- thank you! The one about prayer seems like something that should be pasted inside book covers or handed out at faith formation events . . :)
I agree with Anonymous- this is something I've come to lately, mostly because of two impressive prayer warriors at my own Church. It really is something you need to be taught, just like the formulaic prayers.

Beth Lemer said...

Anon, I am not part of the pre vat II. I am great at praying...alone. After much prayer God has given my husband and I the gift of prayer, though it doesnt always come easy. I think we as catholics have it in the back of our heads all the strictness and non fun it can be to be catholic, when really its the most beautiful religion and relationship in the world, when we let it be.