Wednesday, September 21, 2011


For some of you this post will seem stupidly obvious.

For others (like myself) it is great advice.

Say you are at Mass and all of a sudden find that you have not been paying attention. If you live far too much in your head as I do you start planning on how you are not going to drift off. You thought pattern might go something like this:

“Uhg! I wasn’t paying attention again. Alright. I must stop this. I am going to stop thinking about (that other thing) and return to the Mass right now. I am going to start paying attention and listen to everything that is going on. Here I am now, paying attention.”

Moronic right? But for some of us it is a problem. Of course, in this type of attempt to pay attention what are you not doing? Really paying attention.

Alright those of you who suffer from this – listen up! (that was suppose to ironic) STOP planning how to pay attention, stop analyzing the paying attention process and simply start listening, participating, and paying attention. Don’t think about it. Do it!

For those who do not suffer from this problem, you either gave up reading already or are waiting for a punch line. But if you do, this is quite the revelation or a helpful reminder.


Cracked Pot said...

Sometimes I "miss" the consecration. Even with the bells to call me back to attention.

ck said...

Ug, I go on that "I'm not paying attention" guilt trip every Sunday! Glad I'm not the only one!