Thursday, September 1, 2011


So if yesterday did not do it for you . . .

Another common thing that I hear is, “I have the feeling that God is really calling me to something, I just cannot figure out what it is.” This is more common than you might think. This is what that is sometimes:

It is a preparation. It is a breaking up of the field so that when the seed is sown, it can readily germinate and start growing. If your heart were not prepared in this way, your opportunity might come and leave while you sit about discerning, “Is God calling me to something here? Should I do this? I need to think about it.” With this yearning that you have in your heart, the opportunity will come and instead of angst and wondering you will say, “Finally! My calling to act is here! When can I get started? Just tell me what I need to bring with me.”

I usually find that when I start having these feelings of, “You should do something” but there does not seem to be anything to be done, it is because it is coming. So I gently set the angst aside and say a prayer, “Okay God, I know something is coming. Let me recognize it when it comes.”

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Anonymous said...

Very powerful,Father. I never thought about God's calling in these terms before. Thanks.