Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today's post may be a bit disjointed. I am sitting in the hospital waiting room as my sister has surgery on her wrist. Why must hospital furniture be so uncomfortable? There will also be no pitcures as the hospital web site restrict image searches!

Now that we are properly shook – the Lamb of God is sung. It is during this time not the concretion that the Eucharistic bread is broken. The priest says a private prayer at this point for which he has two options. The one that makes for pause of thought is the second one.

It reads in part, “As I eat Your Body and drink Your Blood let it not bring me condemnation but health in mind and body.” Is that not something to contemplate? This holy food can bring eternal life or condemnation.

Communion is the most intimate moment we have with God on earth. It is central to our covenant. It is the source and symbol of our bond as the marriage act is to marriage (a reason we do not “share” Jesus with persons who do not believe as we do!) To reject Him and His teachings yet take possession of His Body is a grave matter for one truly believes that this is the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord and that belief must be reflected in the life one leads.

At this moment the priest holds Jesus aloft and proclaims, “Behold that Lamb of God.” These are the same words that Saint John used when he pointed to Jesus on the shore and exclaims, “Belhold the Lamb of God!” We are making the claim and connection that this is the same Jesus in our midst 2,000 years later. “Happy are they who are called to His supper!” Communion then is shared among those of the same covenant, the same adoption, the same belief, those who are united as one.

Occasionally I make mention of this at Masses or in classes where there are people of different faith traditions and on more than one occasion someone has stepped forward and said that they were offended or confused in that they could not receive Communion at Mass. Usually this will end up in a discussion (usually over coffee) about why this is the case. Wonderful dialogues take place. In a few instances people had to seriously consider if they should not become Catholic for their belief was much closer to that of the Catholic Church than of their own. None of these opportunities would have taken place had there not been some honesty about division within the Christian Church. As long as we all pretend that everything is Okay and that there are no real division between us no real movement can be made in the direction of true unity.

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MJ said...

Your sister is having surgery and you are complaining about how uncomfortable the hospital furniture is?!! Really?!!
50 lashes with a wet noodle for you!!!