Monday, July 14, 2008


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: "The wisest Sovereigns ere like private men, and the royal hand has sometimes laid the sword of chivalry upon a worthless shoulder which had better been branded by the hangman. What then? Kings do their best and they and we must answer to the intent and not the event." Old Play

QUOTE II - "If you and I want to avade some dangerous duty the best plan is to find one or two other cowards and do our shirking in company." C. S. Lewis


In the mood for a carnival? Jay announces that Catholic Carnival number 180 waiting for you.

As much as I miss old friends it is exciting getting to know a whole new group of people here at St. Sebastian. At an open house in the rectory I met an artist and gentleman who describes himself as a post-modern realist. That had to be explained to me somewhat but I love his work. Here is his site if you are interested in checking it out yourself.

For those of you sending Email here is a little warning. For some reason they are not showing up very quickly here. I will go a long spell with nothing and then all of a sudden there will be two days worth. I don't get it - well I do - but late. Just sos you know.

One week away from the Adam's Ale get together at the Vatican Exhibit. If you wish to join us please purchace tickets for 11:00 that Saturday. Fr. Schnipple will say mass at St. Sebastion that weekend also. Looking forward to it.

Only slightly dissappointedly does this post come to you from the United States. You may be aware that I was supposed to be in Sydney at the moment but greater things started happening. Habemus Papem and CO. have reported landing after a horrendously long flight but they are doing well and gearing up for all of the festivities. Sr. Brigid said that the Sisters of Life are also well on their way. Her mother says that they expect the sisters to be on EWTN Tuesday July 15th though we do not yet know the time.


Anonymous said...

Do you know yet which mass Fr. Schnipple will be saying? Just so I can trade my sacristan mass if need be.


Lillian Marie said...

Sr. Bridget Ancella Marie have all arrived and are having a blast. They created a blog describing their events per day:

Also - you can find their events at this website:

They will be on today (Tuesday) evening on EWTN from 8:00pm - 10:00pm. (they will be talking on Wednesday, Sydney-time, but they are a day ahead).

Their posts are great!

Anonymous said...

I know you were looking forward to going to WYD. I hope you can join the youth of your new parish and celebrate in some can all be there in spirit.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait! 9 days! :-)

Lillian Marie said...

Was told that SOL were going to be on EWTN yesterday evening since it was a live presentation of WYD. However, Mother Angelica was on from 8-10. Unsure if they will be on tonight (???)