Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I've always loved detail in buildings. After taking in the over all lines of a structure, I like to focus in on particular aspects. We do that with people's faces too I suppose. We have our first impressions of their face and then get to know the dimple or the beauty mark and learn to love the face even more. Same with buildings. That is one thing that I do not like about much of modern architecture. (This is just a personal preference thing.) After taking in the grand lines of buildings there is very little in the way of intricate detail to capture the imagination. Rooms and windows are exactly the same from top to bottom and there is no wondering, "Oh! I bet that is a cool room. I'd love to get in there one day." There is often nothing that took an artisan time to create. No detailed design that sweeps you into its depth while you sit and think.

Saint Sebastian Church has a lot of that detail. As I take my constitutional around the grounds there are numerous aspects to catch my eye. Take this lamp. How many light fixtures have you enjoyed looking at lately? Yet this one always makes me smile. Windows and doors are more than functional. This door to the school lets you know that what is happening behind these doors is very important and worthy of the community's time and resources in construction and maintenance.
There are also well placed shrines here and there giving the grounds a park like feel as well as giving momentary reminders of prayer. It draws the neighborhood in to sit, play, or just walk through.
Details from the front doors of the old church.
Statue of Saint Sebastian in front of the old church.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful church--and beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing, Father!

I can appreciate modern architecture in some cases: skyscrapers, museums, even houses. Earthly places. But not churches.

Elena LaVictoire said...

I never noticed that first light! It is beautiful.

Vincenzo said...

Very beautiful.