Tuesday, March 4, 2008


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: - "It's pretty pathetic to watch theologians waste their time wondering that a left-handed, blind, black woman might somehow think the Bible exclude her, when the main message teaches exactly the opposite." The Wall Street Journal

QUOTE II - "I often think of the set pieces of liturgy as certain words that people have successfully addressed to God without their getting killed." Annie Dillard


Habemus Papem sent an outstanding site in called Catholics Come Home. "Catholics Come Home in an independent non-profit charity, started by a number of Catholic families and individuals. Some of us recently returned to our Catholic faith, and want to share our positive experiences with you. Many of us never left the Church, but recently grew to understand and appreciate our Catholic faith more deeply. All of us are part of a big Catholic family, who sincerely hope you too will find more peace, real answers, and true happiness."

For those who might be interested, a mailing came in this week about ePriest which seems pretty good. "ePriest is an outreach of Sacerdos Institute, an apostolate serving priests in union with the Church throughout the world."

Here is another game. This one is called Missionaries and Cannibals. (I hope nobody is offended but I found the concept hysterical.) The idea is to get the missionaries and cannibals across the river while not leaving too few missionaries along with the cannibals or they are toast - or - rather - served on toast. WARNING - LOW ADDICTION LEVEL. (Yes, it can be done.)


Anonymous said...

What do you mean 'LOW level of addiction???' It's 5:30 in the morning & I can't stop!!!! Waaay too complicated this early in the am!

Irfan Ali said...

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Anonymous said...

The Catholics Coming Home website is phenomenal! I checked out all the areas - very impressive. It's always wonderful when souls come back to God...rejoice!

anon - LOL! I fully agree. Maybe it's my questionable intellect with this kind of stuff - I kept getting the missionaries eaten. oops! LM

Anonymous said...

OK, I don't get it. I'm not having ANY success. Any tricks? (I'm not an engineer...)

Anonymous said...

The CCH site is preety nice, I liked the videos.
And the addiction level for the canibals is pretty high. There went my whole lunch hour, and the only one that ate lunch were the canibals!

Anonymous said...

I did it! Yee haw! Adoro & Dominic - Hint - the first boat ride is 1M & 1C - leave C on the shore & send M back, slowly get all 3M on the opposite shore & then send the C back & forth to get the other 2C on the opposite shore. LM

Adoro said...

anon ~ I tried that! But I couldn't "move" the M!

Anonymous said...

Adoro - here you go.
1st boat: MC - leave C on other side
M - back to shore
2nd boat: CC - leave 2C on other side
C - back to shore
3rd boat: MM - leave MC on other side
MC - back to shore
4th boat: MM - leave MMM on other side
C - back to shore
5th boat: CC - leave MMMC on other side
C - back to shore
6th boat: CC - all on other side & no M eaten!


Fr. V said...


ONCE AGAIN - I was stuck away from the parish in a snow storm - got back early this morning and panicked seeing the amount of comments on Quote Tuesday - I don't remember anything contraversial . . .