Thursday, March 13, 2008


You're the answer to my question. (2:36)

This was actually posted as a link once before but now that it is out on YouTube it is posted again.


Jay proudly announces the birth of Catholic Carnival 163!

The Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter asks, "Did you know that Catholic Relief Services is the official overseas relief and development agency of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops?" Here is their official site.

Uncle Jim over at A Second Chance posted about a great website called Abortion Changes You. In an effort to spread it around a bit more it is posted here too.

The picture to the right was taken yesterday. I pumped up the tires on my bike and took it for the first ride of the season - though it was not a great ride owing to the mounds of snow still covering the sidewalks here and there. Anyway, I saw this reflection of the stoplights in a puddle in the middle of a parking lot just east of the parish and thought it was neat and so snapped a picture of it to share with you.


Odysseus said...

Well, it's snowing here. I hope you are all happy! :-(

Anonymous said...

Rob, I'm happy cause I love snow and like to share joyful things :)


Fr. V said...


I hope you have shoes! ;>)

Anonymous said...

Cool photo, Fr. V.

It's about to snow again here in MN...we're heading into a Winter storm, driving promises to be horrible for the next couple days. Thankfully, I'm off Thurs/Fri because I have to be there for the Easter Vigil to help with those entering the Church (YAY!) So suffering will be brief, but intense.

I don't know about you Ohioites, but here in MN, we usually get clobbered by Winter's last agonal and powerful gasps throughout March.

I can send you some snow if you want...we don't want any more. Spring fever has set in! (And it just isn't right for Easter to look like Christmas! It's not right, I tellya!)

So...DOES Rob have shoes?

Odysseus said...

Still snowing. :-(

Anonymous said...

Send the Mn snow here. I'm not ready for warm yet!!!