Friday, March 28, 2008


Randy Pausch will die soon. Here is the inspirational message he wants you to hear. (10 minutes.) Sent in by MJ. Thanks.


Jumping Jehosaphat! Jay just jestingly judged Catholic Carnival 165 ready for your digestion.

Looking for a site that suggests good nun movies? (Yes you read that correctly.) Habemus Papem found this site to satiate you.

Picture stolen from The Buffalo.

H. B. also found this site called Inside Clear Creak Monastery. This is pretty cool.

The Diocese of Cleveland Enewletter found this little gem of site for a Saint of the Day from American Catholic.

Unexpectedly we broke some records in attendance for the Triduum through Easter Sunday here at Saint Clare. Most excitingly was that there were quite a few younger folk. As we ask around it seems that this might of have been something of a trend at least around here. Any noticeable differences in your parishes?


Anonymous said...

Inspiring talk. Good morals & values - but where was God in his life? At the end he mentioned that if you live your life the right way, the Karma will come to you. I had to replay it to make sure I heard it correctly. Although he talked a good talk, I don't think I would pass it on.

Fr. V said...

Actually I felt the same way. Everything he said was good but I missed the greater picture of eternity and God . . . and in a way that made me sad. But if we, as people who believe in God, can listen to the truth of what he said and incorporate that into our already established belief system, then I have no hesitancy in having people watch it.

Anonymous said...

Although you both make valid points, will we not be judged by Our Lord in the end by whom we lead astray? Given this forum, yes, I see your point, Fr. V. Most of the people I see comments from have a good Catholic faith basis.

But, I agree with anon in not sending this out...we have no idea who will receive it. Emails, blogs, websites, etc. - although we may have good intentions in creating & sending them, we have no clue who is on the receiving end once it leaves our computer.

I actually received this video from a friend a couple months ago and was distraught by its message. Having good morals and values is one thing, but what is this father teaching his children? I'm more sad for the children than for the father.

another anon

(great discussion, by the way)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Fr. V. Randy wanted to reach the greatest amount of people listening in the shortest amount of time.

However, as you may've noted, not only was atheistic/new-agey Oprah in the audience, but at the end of the film, you'll see it was produced by "Harpo" - her company. That is likely why "God" is not in it by name, but Randy talked about love, respect, sharing, giving, receiving, humility, and commitment. That spells God, just as "higher being" et al does. And any whichway, if he hasn't died already, I'm asking a longer life for him.

Carol the Anonymous

Adoro said...

You know...I haven't seen that video so thanks for posting it. I have to see it to have my own opinion. But from what others have said, it's so general that it's almost inane. However, as Christians, we look at such a man and such a situation, and we feel for him and those he loves. He's trying to leave a legacy of sorts.

I can't watch it at my home computer (I'm on dialup) but I can watch it from work sometime tomorrow or this week if I get time. (I frequently listen to things while doing something else.)

I attended the Easter Vigil where I worked and didn't necessarily see a lot more young people, but I was also near the front with the people entering the Church (and honored to be there). I did get a completely different view, though, something wonderful. :-)