Wednesday, May 24, 2017


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "While a consumer economy makes life easier, it also turns appetites into needs."  from Archbishop Chaput's, "Render unto Caesar"

QUOTE II:  "Contempt is usually a sign of weakness."  same source


This past week there were no posts as I was at the Jesuit Retreat House with these guys:
At the time they were transitional deacons preparing for ordination by going on retreat at this odd little forest in the middle of Parma.  There were many dear and they let you get spooky close:
Mostly the chapel was well equipped (not always the case at such places.)  One thing they did not have was deacon stoles so the deacons had to get creative:
The ordination was phenomenal.  I am just glad it was on Friday night and not Saturday morning as originally scheduled.  It lasted three hours.  If it had been on Saturday morning I would have had to sneak out after communion in order to get to a wedding I had that day.  (For the two and half decades that I have been attending ordinations they have only lasted two hours.)  But there was time and it was worth it!

Here is Fr. Anthony at his First Mass of Thanksgiving who will be coming to St. Sebastian:
And the traditional post-Mass group shot:
Getting a blessing from the newly ordained:
After there was a wonderful reception at his home parish of St. Mary in Hudson.  There were lots of priests, seminarians, and nuns there.  Now, this is what I call a modified habit!
And just because I thought it was funny . . . Thank you K. J.

Here is the ordination video.  WARNING:  3 HOURS!

Or if you would just like a little laugh - here is a couple minutes:

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