Monday, May 8, 2017


FIRST:  An important reminder from the Bacon Society of St. Sebastian.  Today is Baconmas Day!  Today is the day we have the reading at Mass were God tells St. Peter that ALL of God's creatures are  both good and good for eating and what He has declared clean we are not to call profane.  I'm all about being a good son of my Father and so got right on it.
Thank you Rocco and Terry for providing the repasts necessary for the proper celebration of this day!

IN OTHER NEWS:  When I was growing up, if my parents didn't want me to understand what they were talking about they would converse in Slovenian.  This was annoying on two counts.  One: I wanted to know what they were talking about and Two:  I desperately wanted to learn Slovenian and would BEG them only to speak to me in that language, which they would attempt for about 5 minutes and then grow tired of the effort.  To the dog, however, they spoke Slovenian and so HE knew Slovenian far better than I did.
I get why parents want a secret way of communicating in front of their kids.  Once something slips out it can be difficult to undo the damage.  It is the same with your beloved dog.  To say something out loud like, "Walk," can set the dog an a determined task to get you to go outside and there is no taking it back.  And like parents, sometimes even when you are away from your kids, you forget to stop speaking in code.
Fr. B and Fr. Otticus went out for breakfast this past week sans dogs.  But it was difficult to get out of the mindset.

This can be annoying to others.


Nan said...

For you non Slovene speakers, doggie says "excuse me please, it's time for my walk now."

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