Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Today Christmas trees and wreaths are being placed around the church.

Today I continue my writhing over my Christmas homilies.


Yesterday I was blessed to visit with the good sisters at the Christ the Bridegroom Monastery in Burton, Ohio.  Sitting in the kitchen while they busied about their duties I asked them if they had any ideas for Christmas homilies.  Here are some:

“You know, Mary didn’t have time to get the manger ready, but the manger would have to greet the Christ Child just the same.  Even though we are so busy and may feel unprepared, we must greet him with what we have.”

 “Mary didn’t have time to ‘nest.’”  (I think I get what that means.)  “Invite her and the Holy Family to nest in your heart, to find rest, comfort, and time to ‘be’ in your heart.”

I’m not sure I’m the best one to talk about nesting though.

“God gives us this longing as a gift a Christmas.  We try to fill it with all kinds of things and when all of the commotion and distractions cease, we may feel a bit of a let down if we have not filled they cradle sized space in our hearts with the Christ child.”

Pretty good stuff guys.  I’ll let it marinate a little while longer while I avoid writing again by posting your ideas.



Cyndy said...
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Cyndy said...

In college I took a course called "7 Ideas That Shook the Universe." Being a Physics course, no mention of Christ's birth was made, but your homily struggles have reminded me of what a universe-shaking event it was. As your cloistered friends alluded, it is so easy to get caught up in the preparations for Christmas that we fail to appreciate the enormity of the event itself.

Christ the Bridegroom Monastery said...

awww :) Love you, holy priest!