Tuesday, February 23, 2016


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "A dog . . . cannot be either so good or bad as a man.  Nay, I shall go father.  I would almost say a dog cannot be so stupid as a man.  He cannot be utterly wanting as a dog - as some men are as men."  from G. K. Chesterton's, "The Flying Inn"


Another painting at St. Sebastian made the news again.  Gilbert Magazine did a terrific article on our painting of Chesterton with interviews with the artist, Eric Armusik, Fr. Pfeiffer, and myself.  If you are on Facebook you may read it HERE.

Adam sent in this short video (About 15 seconds) about an amazing piece of art.  I bet you have to watch it twice.  See it HERE.

An article was sent in about reverence at the Mass.  Read it HERE.

Justice Antonin Scalia's funeral homily is about 15 minutes long.  It was given by his son who is a Catholic priest.  If you have the time I highly recommend it.  The first two and half minutes can be skipped as it is mostly introductions.


Pat said...

Regarding Father Paul Scalia's homily, I have heard favorable remarks about it from Evangelical sources.

MaryofSharon said...

Fr. Scalia's homily was about the best homily ever preached. So glad to see you included it here! Note to self: print a copy of that homily and keep it in a file for the priest who will be saying the homily at my own funeral.

It was also great to watch him (and every one else present) pray that Mass with the same reverence he describes in that article you included. I wonder how many non-Catholic souls were moved by that reverent and beautiful meeting of heaven and earth.

P.S. Noteworthy, perhaps, is that Fr. Paul Scalia is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Apostolate of Courage.