Thursday, October 1, 2015

While I've been a rosary pray-er since I was a wee one, sometimes I wondered at what I was "supposed" to be doing.  Of course, sometimes I would concentrate on the particular prayer being said.  Other times I would imagine what was going on in Christ's life during a particular mystery, broadening the story.  I was told as a young person to concentrate on the mysteries but I would always wonder why am I concentrating on them.

To some extent, there is always more to mine and to come to understand as one spends some time contemplating the various mysteries.  Sometimes I would plug in my own prayers such as when Christ is hanging on the Cross, I would think that I wish I could lessen His suffering.  But of course He had to suffer.  Wishing to end His suffering is the stuff "Get behind me Satan" is made of.  Sorrow, however, that He had to suffer seems suitable.  

Thanks is a great thing to offer during the rosary.  God comes to earth.  Wow!  Thank you God.  Christ resurrects.  That is Awesome!  Thank you God.

In more recent years, however, I have taken a slightly different tact.  In praying the rosary it seems that we are called to be witnesses.  "Stay here and watch with me."  When Christ was abandoned by His disciples during His scourging, I stand witness.  When His followers scattered during His Crucifixion, I stand by His Mother and St. John.  At the Annunciation, I will witness the Angel speaking and believe.  At the Ascension, I will be among the Apostles as He rises.  I will witness in order to see, see in order to understand, understand in order to share, share in order to bring others to Christ.

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