Friday, October 2, 2015



I often wonder what non-Catholics think about the fuss we make about the Gospel when they attend a Catholic Mass say at a wedding or a funeral.  Many Protestants (not all) don't seem to make a big fuss about a reading just because it is from one of the Gospels.  Maybe theologically they do, but a reading such as something from Matthew is not treated in worship much differently than one from Romans.

We Catholics practically throw a festival when the Gospel is read in comparison to any other part of Scripture.  Everyone stands, we sing the triple "Alleluia" with a Gospel verse, the deacon receives a blessing that he might proclaim the Gospel worthily and well, there is often a procession with candles, there can be incense, a minor benediction (the Lord be with you) and a prayer that we might receive the Word of God well as we make three Signs of the Cross on our foreheads, lips, and heart, "May God be in my thoughts, on my lips, and in my heart."  You would think that when it was done we would clap.  "That was AWESOME!"  When it is done, however, the candles are put away, the incense is taken back into the sacristy, every sits, and the bulletin is brought out to read during the homily.  Goes to show how much more important it is than a mere priest talking.
This all points to the Gospel as being the crown jewel of the Liturgy of the Word.  We esteem these books above all others.  When the Gospels are proclaimed it is one of the ways that Christ is present to us at the Mass for He is speaking to us in His own words.  And what did Mom teach us to do when someone important was talking to us?  "Sit up and don't fidget. Pay attention.  Look at the person in the eye.  Be respectful."  That is what Mary taught us.  "Listen to Him.  Do whatever He tells you."  It is what Holy Mother Church is trying to teach us to do.

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