Monday, August 3, 2015


A couple of times on Adam's Ale I've invited you along for a visit to Mother Mary Thomas CPCA, a cloistered nun and an artist.  Read more HERE.  You were in on the Saint Sebastian painting she created for our parish and saw the large mural on which she was working at the time.  A couple of guys, Fr. P, and I took an excursion up to Cleveland to the Saint Paul Shrine to see how things were coming along on the large painting.  Here is a picture of Mother and Fr. P
As you can see, things are coming along nicely.  Notice about half way up on the left hand side there is included and likeness of His Holiness Pope Francis.
So here is the interesting part of all of this:  The Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration and the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museum Ohio Chapter recently made an announcement.
Quote, "One of (Mother Thomas') works is a 30 x 16 foot canvas . . . originally commissioned by a parish in Philadelphia in 2005, but the parish closed in 2013.  Mother Mary is reworking the mural and hopes to present it to His Holiness Pope Francis when he visits the United States this fall and that it will one day be displayed in Rome in the Vatican Museums."
That would be SO COOL!  And it would certainly add to the mystique of our painting of St. Sebastian.  You've got a little ways to go yet and time is ticking!  Get painting Mother!

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