Sunday, July 19, 2015


Yes! It's the first official sideways day at Adam's Ale!  I hope you enjoy.  It's sideways day because for some reason I can't figure out no matter what I do two of my pictures are coming out sideways today.  So let's celebrate.
The warm weather hit in earnest this week.  It may actually be summer after all.  But as it happens every year, the high Ohio humidity and the warmer weather seems to shrink clothes.  So people who normally come to Mass properly dressed are embarrassed to find that all of their clothing has shrunk dramatically and they are left with nothing to wear except clothing that LOOKS like short-shorts, tank tops, and tights.  I truly feel for these unfortunates.  I am sure they are humiliated beyond words.  But at least they overcome their fears and come to Mass just the same.
Last week I was in Chicago and saw this sign outside of parish church there:
There are any number of persons in this parish that would be excited if I would place a similar sign to this one here.  Of course, the request is made by people who can afford clothes that don't shrink in the summer.
Up the street from us there is this sign:
If you can't read it, the pertinent part says, "Come as you are!"

This has led me to desire putting up this sign on our marque.  (The actual marque is not sideways.)
I do understand the concern.  There was a man who came to see me and ask that I say something to our EMHCs (extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion) about wearing low cut tops in the summer.
Firstly I say to men, "Stop it!  We are to treat our sisters with utmost respect!  They are not the sum of their body parts!  Get a hold of yourselves!  Be men."
Now to the ladies I say, "Stop it!  We are to treat are men with utmost respect and not do our best to lead them to temptations.  Don't let them see you as the sum of your body parts.  Don't let the following scenario (which was explained to me very carefully and discretely by one of our taller male parishioners) happen when you are an EMHC:

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Helen said...

I think our pastor's (in NV) is to keep the church AC so cold that we need long underwear and coats!