Tuesday, May 19, 2015


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "It is easier to discipline the body than to control the soul."  from Abraham Joshua Heschel's "God in Search of Man"
QUOTE II:  "It may be true that not all joys lead to God, yet all joys come from God.  Even lowly merriment has its ultimate origin in holiness."  same source
Mary sent in THIS LINK about a company from the 1700's that is still making clothing for clerics in Rome.  But what was really interesting was THIS FORM that requires brutal honesty (humility?) when describing yourself for the perfect fit.
Lynn sent this video in about an interview with John Rutter on why choral music isn't just one of life's frills:

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MaryofSharon said...

Loved that choir video, even though it wasn't overtly spiritual. Even though this guy is not acknowledging the spiritual dimension, from my perspective, high quality chorale music stands as evidence of the existence of God. So many things coming together to create such beauty in a cooperative human venture: the composer, the director, each of the well-honed individual voices, and their capacity to work together as they do. It is inconceivable to me that all of this simply evolved from the primordial soup by chance or merely for the sake of survival of the fittest.

Anyone who was at Fr. Merzweiler's first Mass would have to agree with this slightly modified quote from from Peter Kreeft's Argument #17 For the Existence of God, "There is the music of [the St. Sebastian choir]; therefore there must be a God."

Just one more reason why the Church should invest herself in presenting the best sacred music she can (and the best of the other sacred arts as well).