Monday, May 18, 2015


It was a killer weekend!  Not only was there ordination and his reception, there was a funeral and a wedding, two concerts, PSR May crowning, and the parish reception and Fr. Leonard was filling in for another parish whose pastor was away.  We are all rather dragging today.
It took A LOT of people A LOT of hours to make everything seem smooth and effortless.  Below (center) is the newly ordained Fr. Jeremy Merzweiler from St. Sebastian, to his left is his very capable MC Fr. Kovacina who was in charge of the cast of thousands, and me whose main job was to smile and pretend that I had anything to do with anything.
Fr. spent hours giving first blessings.  This was a rare moment of rest for him (below) with Fr. K and our DRE.  (They all kinda match.)  In the background you can see a couple of glasses.  There was a stack of them back there.  People feeling sorry for the kid priest kept bringing him something to quench his more than quenched thirst.
Then it was back to work! 

And what a great day it was.  Fr. Merzweiler became the 28th man ordained to the priesthood from this parish.  We figure that so far, these 28 men have given 1,230 years of service to the Church. 
May God bless you Fr. Merzweiler!


Cyndy Cook said...

Ahhhh, this warms the cockles of my cynical old heart!

Pat said...

Didn't Father Joseph Hyunsup Kim, also ordained this past Saturday, intern at our parish as a seminarian a few years ago?