Thursday, February 19, 2015


One of the attractions of such book as Harry Potter is that here is a seemingly very ordinary person who all of a sudden discovers that he is really quite special.  All that was needed was for someone to uncover it.  Did you, like me, at least once in your life dream that maybe, just maybe you were at the obscure tail end of a line of royalty?  (My Mother assured me that we were Slovenian hillbillies that that I shouldn’t hope for a European castle, rule, or treasure.)
Well guess what, Mom was wrong.  (And that is something I rarely get to say.)  When you were baptized, holy oil (Chrism) was taken and a cross was traced on your head as has been done to Kings and prophets since deep in the Old Testament.  One of the offices in which you were anointed was KING.  (This is the same if you are male or female.  It is the ancient right of office not the sex into which you were anointed.  That is why we all have the status of sons with the Father.  We are equal.  It is the status into which you enter.)
Now, it may seem to kind of spoil it if you are a king among a nation of kings.  When everyone is a king, is anyone a king?  That is like the dilemma we are on the verge of entering into with marriage – because it won’t stop with same sex marriage between two people.  And once marriage can mean anything, does it mean anything at all?


But as far as you royal status goes it still does!  It does my fellow kings!  It may not play well in Cucamonga, but it will in the Heavenly Kingdom!  It will mean everything.  And this life we train ourselves for the office.  (What better way to train properly for the office than to do it without many perks?  It’s like starting out in the mailroom before become the CEO of a major company.  It sets your head on straight.)
So how do we train?  By doing all in our power to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven now.  The Kingdom exists in this life wherever we live it.  Where it does not seem to exists at all, we live it, it is there.  It is like what St. John of the Cross said about Christ.  Jesus saw where there was lack of love in the world and He became that love.  The crucifixion was not a place of love but He became love there and transformed the world!  “Father forgive them.”  “This day you will be with me . . .”  “Mother behold your son . . .”  “Into Your hands Lord . . .”
How much time can you tithe for your office as king?  Long enough to send an Email Letter to the Editor when you read something misleading about the faith?  Long enough to post something positive about your parish on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter account?  Long enough to challenge someone (lovingly) on a misperception that they have about the faith?  Long enough to stop some injustice in your neighborhood?  Long enough to vote like a Christian?  Long enough to consecrate your home?  Long enough to say grace at work, school, or restaurant?  Long enough to say a prayer for the Coptic Christians who were beheaded or those who are in similar danger?
We are flush with royalty!  What if only a small percentage truly acted in their role a little bit each day?  The world would be transformed.  If only, when you looked in the mirror, you could see your dignity and your high office (even if nobody else can!)  Just wait until it is revealed for all to see!  How much more joy you will have for having been true to it even when it was difficult to understand and comprehend!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, Father, on this terribly bitter day!

Sometimes we forget what you have pointed out, and think we do not matter. Sometimes, just passing someone on the street and smiling at someone makes a lot of difference to another soul.

BTW, there are worse fates than being a Slovenian hillbilly! Keep warm!