Thursday, February 5, 2015


As mentioned Monday I was with some other priests during the Super Bowl.  Although it turned out to be a great game, at first I had more investment in the commercials than in the particular teams.  At one point during the commercials we looked at each other and said, “What is this?  Good Father Week or something?”  There just seemed to be a preponderance of “good Dad” commercials.
It is sad that we are so incredibly used to poor father figures in movies, in sit-comes, in books, and in the public awareness that we would find the presentation of positive role models odd.  One of them actually made me tear up a bit – not something you want to do during a football game, and so I excused myself to get another snack before anyone would notice.
A commentary recently said that Super Bowl commercials reflect where the nation is at the moment.  I don’t know if I would go quite that far, but it is an indication of something going on within at least a portion of our culture.  If it wouldn’t sell, they wouldn’t have used it for a commercial.
Is it true?  Are we ready for positive father figures?  Do we yearn of the “good father?”  Are we ready to inspire instead of pander?  Are we willing to reinvest in the family?  As they used to say, “Stay tuned.”


Anonymous said...

I think there can be no better example of a father figure than good St. Joseph. How many men would quietly take in a pregnant fiance, obey the voice of God via His angel who directed him to uproot his wife and her child in the middle of the night to take them to foreign land, lovingly raise her child, and care for, love, and work to support them both all his life? All the while without drawing attention to himself and never complaining about what God handed him.

I suspect there are many men out there who have at least some of these qualities. And our good priests also share these attributes - they trust God and love and care for His children.

lgreen515 said...

This is my favorite "good Dad" commercial.

Steve Saliga said...

There are still lots and lots of the "Bumbling Idiot Dad" commercials and shows on TV. You know the ones - dad can't buy peanut butter, dad can't go to the grocery store, and dad certainly can't cook. The "good dad" commercials are good, but until I see dad cooking, dad packing lunches, etc. (like real life), I won't be happy.

Redearth said...

I decided long ago that return of the good "dad" starts with me. So hopefully my sons will grow up with the proper image.