Monday, January 26, 2015


When I was a child my family never went anywhere warm for a winter vacation.  We always went to where it was colder.  My Dad loved skiing so we were kind of bread to enjoy the cold.
Sebastian (my dog) also enjoys the colder weather.  Perhaps being black and hairy has something to do with it.  He has so much more energy in the winter.  We enjoy going out on a cold winter morning.  Below is a very detailed drawing of Sebastian and me going on our morning walk on a gray northeast Ohio morning during a snow storm.
Over the past couple of days the temperature has become a little warmer and Akronites are showing that they are getting a little housebound as they have come out of their homes in droves just to be outside.  Once free to roam the park without worrying about running into anybody, we now have to have the dog walker's radar on to avoid people vs barking dog situations.
This adds to the anxiety of warmer weather coming.  Fair weather enthusiasts all of a sudden feel like they can just come use the parks willy nilly.

Please God, just a few more really good and cold winter storms.


lgreen515 said...

Grumpy, grumpy.

MaryofSharon said...

Gotta love the "very detailed" drawing!!!

There is something almost magical about the beauty and solitude of walking outside in a snowstorm (well, at least if it's not too windy.) Makes me almost wish I had a dog that would give me a greater incentive to take walks when no sane person would normally venture outdoors.