Wednesday, January 21, 2015



I had every intention of blogging today but for the life of me I cannot get my pictures to upload (and of course today was all about discribing these pictures.)  It is time for me to go to the seminary now and too late to do something else. 

Anybody have any idea?  The error sign keeps saying, "Lost connection to server."


Fr. V


Matt W said...

I'm no IT guy, but is sounds like you lost your connection to the server. Isn't Fr. K some kind of computer wunderkind?

Donna said...

What internet browser are you using? I have had problems sometimes with picture uploads in IE. When that happens I use Google Chrome.

Karen said...

Are you only having the issue when you try uploading the pictures?

lgreen515 said...

Did you reboot?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he didn't sleep well last night and your homily put him to sleep. That could certainly cause a lost connection...

Oops. You meant computer server, not altar server. My mistake. ;)

I agree with the others to try rebooting and possibly try a different browser. Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer should be pretty easy for you to get if you don't already have them.

Best of luck!

Fr. V said...


Wayne - it took me a second and then I laughed!

Anonymous said...

And you're the Pastor how?! ;)

-Paul Hood