Tuesday, November 25, 2014


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IF MAY BE FOUND:  ". . . no quality was so annoying in someone else as the very one you didn't like in yourself."  from Michael Koryta's, "The Prophet"

QUOTE II:  (Concerning football)  "We're concerned with the weight of responsibility.  We're concerned with the idea that your individual mistake, your poor decision or poor effort, impacts many more people than yourself.  We understand that this is a game of little consequence.  We also understand that the lessons of the game are not empty."  same source

From the Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter:  The Most Reverend Timothy Broglio, archbishop of the military (and Cleveland native) will be celebrating a Mass this coming Sunday at our cathedral of St. John for peace and you are invited.  More information HERE.
Fr. Damian has another great article for you to read HERE.  He tells us how to get more out of Thanksgiving.
Joe sent this in.  HA!
One of Fr. Leonard's favorite videos.  He's been singing this around the rectory for two weeks.  (2 min.)

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Anonymous said...

These made my day..hard to pick
a favorite.. but evolution and Darwin was hilarious..no one loves me.. and I am an atheist.
good stuff