Tuesday, November 4, 2014


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUNDIf a therapy doens't help you feel better we think its not working.  In contemplation, the purpose isn't to help you feel better.  Its to help you see the truth of your life.  Seeing the truth of your life may initially make you feel terrible.  But if you're committed to truth, then you the question of how you feel is not the main issue."  unknown
QUOTE II:  "It may be love.  It may be a heart attack.  At the moment, it's hard to tell the difference."  from Katie Schneider's, "We All Know Love"

From the Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter:  Did you know this is National Vocation Awareness Week?  Read more here.
Don't forget to BE INFORMEND and VOTE TODAY!
Here is a 3 minute video of the ordination to the transitional deaconate two weekends ago.

And just for the fun of it - Lynn sent this 4 minute video in.  Who knows what is inside that small, unassuming house next to yours???

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Cathy said...

Interesting story about the house with the pipe organ.

St. Peter Church in Lorain OH has a pipe organ that is appraised at 1.5 million dollar value for insurance purposes. The sound is magnificent.