Tuesday, September 2, 2014


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "You are actually in a more difficult situation that a priest or a nun is.  Celibacy is not the same as deprivation.  It is an active choice, not simply the absence of opportunity."  from Mary Doria Russell's  "The Sparrow"
QUOTE II:  "It's not easy to be obedient when you suspect your superiors are asses."  same source.  N.B. I don't mean to infer this is the case or to apply it anybody who may be reading this.  I just like the quote.  ;>)
More people than I though were interested in the demise of the Catholic Universe Bulletin.  The Bishop is looking for alternatives.  Read more of the story here.

Cool picture from Corpus Christi
Adam sent this article in.  In it, Richard Dawkins explains why it is immoral not to abort a child with Downs Syndrome.  Wow.  Kinda shows ya where this is all going.

Falling in love with Pittsburg:
This video is 15 minutes long.  It is not happy.  It may seem odd to place it on a Catholic blog but I plan on explaining why I think it presents the Catholic Church with a unique opportunity.


Stephen said...

Tuesday 02 September 2014

Hi Father, Stephen here.
After viewing the video, its plane to see that the only people who have a future are Catholic priests and the Amish.
Tomorrow, I am going to apply to St. Mary's. Terese says, " Fine with me. No problem." The Byzantine rite have married priests. Failing that, I will go to Kidron and apply to be Amish.
I will grow a full beard and I already have the straw hat.

Grant said...

Happened across that video a couple weeks ago. His videos are generally educational and entertaining, but that one was downright depressing and incredibly pessimistic.