Monday, September 29, 2014


It is always interesting to hear what you tell kids and what comes back out.

A Mom came up to me at Mass this past weekend and told me the story about her son.  At St. Sebastian Parish School we require the boys to wear ties for Mass day.  Usually Mass is on Thursday mornings but occasionally for various reasons it is on another day.  Such a day was a couple of weeks ago.  And this took place:
So she asked him to find out why he had to wear his tie that day.  Apparently somebody didn't read my bulletin article.  (If you are reading this - I'm just kidding.) 
The reason we had Mass that day was because we were on the last day of our 40 Hours (Eucharistic Devotions.)  Also at that Mass we introduced the new parochial vicar at St. Sebastian.  I'll let him introduce himself here.
Yes, he's one of those.

Anyway, Fr. K will be with us for the next 10 months (well, just slightly over 9 now) and he was introduced to the school that day.  The following was the result.
Actually, with this pope, it seems feasible. 

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Karen said...

I love kids, they are always entertaining. I had Religious Ed tonight and our priest stopped by my first grade class tonight. My kids wanted to know why he was wearing black and not green. Apparently when we learned about the different colors the priest wears throughout the year I forgot to mention that it was only at Mass and not all the time. :) Oh well, at least the learned something and it stuck in their heads!